Bathroom Design from Kishani Perera
August 6, 2013
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You probably know Kishani Perera because of her book. Her gorgeous, always facing forward, shockingly "me" (and I'm guessing "you") cover image picturing that fabulous chandelier and that hint of vintage, hint of modern sensibility. Yes, that book. Well, somehow, the gods are shining down on SMP today and we managed to score a full day of Kishani Perera genius. As she is sharing all of her must-have rules for interior design - from bathrooms to bedrooms and everything in between. So here we go kids! Buckle's a day of all out gorgeousness, starting of course, with the loo
SMP: Your favorite bathroom you’ve ever designed?

KP: One of the favorite bathrooms I designed was for a celebrity hairstylist named Davy. We found a pair of vintage fish sconces for the vanity area, had a gorgeous custom shower curtain fabricated, brought in a sweet little side table for toiletries, and a wonderful antique mirror over the sink. The combination was very unique and inviting!

SMP: Name one small change that makes a big impact in a bathroom:

KP: I think lighting has the most impact in bathrooms. In such a small space you really want to add a touch of sparkle! Let your fixtures do the talking!
SMP: Any tips on personalizing a bathroom in a rental home?

KP: Yes! Paint is a great way to personalize a bathroom – if you can’t (or don’t want to) invest in wall paper – there are some amazing stencils you can use to add depth & dimension. Swap out the vanity mirror for something more special, and bring in really fun textiles with your shower curtain & rugs.

SMP: Fact or fiction: you should not use wallpaper in a bathroom?

KP: Complete fiction! I am a big fan of wallpaper in bathrooms!
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Don’t forget to address the bathroom as a living space and add warm touches as you would any other room - specifically art and accessories.

1. No matter how small the space, try to include a piece of furniture in your bathroom. It could be a small side table, a petite chest of drawers for storage, or a vintage mirror. This will automatically add character and interest.

2. Bath rug, schmath rug! Don’t limit yourself to a rug specifically designed for the loo! Find a great rug that you love and just add a non-slip rug pad underneath – you’ll have so many more great options to choose from.

3. Invest in a custom shower curtain. One of the most simple places to implement a little DIY touch is the shower curtain. I like to find vintage fabrics, or vibrant patterns and have my local tailor cut & seam it to size and pop a few grommets into the top hem (or if you’re handy – YOU can do it!). With an inexpensive liner hung behind it, you have a water resistant and unique curtain for your bathroom.

4. Mix up your lighting! I like to add interesting light fixtures – a vintage chandelier, or even a table lamp – to my bathrooms. When combined with the more practical task lights, it keeps things from looking too generic.

5. Personalize your bathroom with little touches, and don’t forget about art! Instead of a toothbrush holder, use a small antique glass or vase. A vintage tray adds beautiful detail to your bathroom counter, and an easy way to organize. So many people don’t think to put art in the bathroom – but a collection of small paintings, or framed photographs really livens up the space!


Interior Design: Kishani Perera | Photography: Jean Randazzo