How To Take Great Family Photos
August 5, 2013
How ToKids
If time and budget allows, preserving those sweet moments as a family is always a fantastic idea. With that said, we know from experience that a sweet photoshoot can turn sour in minutes if you haven't come fully prepared. And since we know these things can run a pretty penny, we've asked Christine to share some of her tips on how she ensures a flawless photoshoot each and every time. And for more shots of this sweet family, be sure to check out the gallery!
Be natural... Let your kids do what they do best. Don’t try to pose them the whole time.  They’ll get tired and unhappy.   Take them to a location where you know the lighting is great and then let them play.  Get some good individual shots of each kid then ask everyone to get close for a family shot.  Normal interactions between family members are the best!  You’ll end up with beautiful smiles that are completely natural and totally genuine.
What to wear... It’s a good idea to coordinate outfits, but you want to be careful to not look too matchy-matchy.  Start by choosing a couple of complimentary colors you love and outfit each member with those colors in mind. That way everyone is unique yet the shoot feels unified.
Where to shoot...  Choose a location where kids can let loose, run around and have fun.  Be sure to ask the photographer if the lighting at your desired location is appropriate.  A relaxed environment and great lighting is a recipe for a fabulous shoot.
When to shoot babies/children...  The best time of the day for babies is when they're napping, which usually occurs right after they're fed.  With kids, it’s of course when they're energetic and happy. This will vary depending on the family, but 3-5 pm is usually a great time. The lighting is great, and the kids typically have high energy and great moods. Bringing along some favourite snacks also helps when they start to get a little tired.
In terms of activities...  Sometimes it's a good idea to try to engage otherwise shy children. One toy is a good idea for a younger child but, whenever possible, I try to shy away from toys because it then becomes the focus. Activities like skipping or jumping are always fun. It engages the child without distracting from the shoot. Plus, a simple activity is enough to make even a shy child smile for that perfect shot!

Photography & Tips: Christine Choi Photograpy | Outfits: J. Crew