Charlotte Hale's Baby Shower from Marisa Holmes
August 2, 2013
Baby ShowerParty
Charlotte Hale, the brainchild behind the much beloved Plum Pretty Sugar, is a name that pops up frequently at the SMP offices. We had the pleasure of taking a peek at her backyard nuptuals not long ago, and now we're shifting focus to all things baby. Designed by Blair Britt, it comes as no surprise that her baby shower is totally and completely swoon-worthy. Captured by Marisa Holmes, there's more right here in the gallery. 
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From Marisa... Charlotte’s baby shower was held in late 2012 upon the expected arrival of her son in early 2013. It was a blue-sun-shiny day in Southern California although the gusty breezes reminded us that Winter was here (and made for displays just a little bit difficult)!

Charlotte decided early on that she wanted to celebrate her sons arrival with her husband and stepson and so the shower was for both men and women and sweet families! The event included games and activities for kids as well as a beer tasting for the men (and women!). The décor was based around the colors of the baby’s nursery… taupe and white with just a little bit of baby blue tied in. And since the baby was to be a Fourth, Richard Thurman Hale, IV… many of the décor items centered around the roman numeral IV.

It was a lovely, lovely day with tears from Charlotte and her side of the family… the first grandson! A very special day.

 Richard Thurman Hale, IV was born early on January 14. The family calls him “Hale.”

Photography: Marisa Holmes | Venue: Charlotte Hale's Home | Design & Styling: Blair Britt Events | Catering: 24 Carrots | Craft Beer Bar: Congreagation Ale House (a business owned by the Hale family) | Perfume Bar: Ka-Mil-Yin