DIY Woven Chandelier
July 30, 2013
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So this DIY is awesome. Like really awesome. Like "wow, I think I spotted this chandelier at that fantsy pants boutique the other day" awesome. And while it may look a bit complicated. It's not. I promise. If you can say over-under-over-under, you can totally do this. Totally.
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Ikea lampshade 
Ikea pendant cord
1 coil of flat basket reed
Gray woodstain
White paint
Foam paintbrushes
Plastic bucket
Stapler & staples
Masking tape


step-1 Place your basket reed in the bucket and fill with water until it is completely submerged. You may need to place something heavy on top to keep it submerged. Let soak 30 mins up to 1 hr (definitely do not leave in the water overnight or mold will begin to grow).

step-2 Remove the fabric from the Ikea shade- you will be left with the frame and another metal hoop, but we only need the frame. Find a basket, large bowl, or other object that you can use to shape your shade (we used a round cake carrier). Tape or tie the center of the shade frame onto your object.

step-3 Once the reed has soaked and is flexible, you can start attaching spokes to the frame. Cut the reeds to 14” lengths. Wrap one end around the frame and staple to itself. Repeat until the entire frame is covered.

step-4 Now we can begin weaving the herringbone pattern. Start by stapling a reed horizontally to one of the spokes, as close to the top as possible. Place a piece of masking tape at the start so you remember where it is every time you go around. Weave the horizontal reed over three spokes and under three spokes, repeating all the way around the frame. If you run out of horizontal reed, just staple a new one onto the end of the old one. When you reach the beginning, continue by starting a new row below the first. Change it slightly by starting under one spoke, then over 3, then under 3. On the third row, go under 2 spokes, over 3, then under 3. Fourth row, go under 3, over 3, under 3. You’re essentially moving the same pattern over by spoke to the right on each successive row. Having trouble picturing it? Here’s a video of this pattern being woven on a chair. Continue weaving until you reach the bottom of the spokes, and let dry overnight.

step-5 Remove any visible staples and place a dot of wood glue in their place. Place a piece of masking tape around the bottom ¼ of the shade. Use a foam brush to stain the top ¾ of the shade gray, on both the inside & the outside. Let dry ½ hr. Use another foam brush to paint the area below the tape white, on both the inside & the outside. Let dry 2 hours. Remove the tape.

step-6 Screw the shade onto the pendant cord and screw in a lightbulb. Suspend from the ceiling and enjoy your new pendant lamp!