The Beauty Department & Kristin Ess' Top 10 Beauty Essentials
July 25, 2013
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Truth be told, I'm not one who typically abides by "beauty essential" tips. With so much on the market and so many vastly different opinions, I usually prefer to stick to my own tried, tested and true rituals. But when we had the chance to catch up with the sweet & savvy Kristin Ess of the ever beloved Beauty Department, you better believe I was all ears. Because when a girls skin is this glowy, and her hair is that luxurious, you don't really have an option but to take her advice and run full speed ahead with it. So without further ado, here are Kristin Ess' Top 10 beauty essentials.
No. 1 - Philip B Brush Cleaner
I can't stress how important it is to get one of these little guys. It removes hair and debris from your flat or round brush when it gets full. Cleaning out your brush makes it perform like new.

No.2 - Josie Argan Lip Oil
I get pretty dry chapped lips when seasons change. This is my favorite lip treatment for that. You can use it every day but I prefer to save it and use it when I need an intense blast of moisture. 

No. 3 - Anastasia Brow Duo Powder 
If you've ever tried to fill in your brows, you know it's hard to find a color that's as neutral or ashy as your natural brow color. You usually end up with a warmer brow that looks a bit un-natural and the powder or pencil can be seen. This is so spot-on with the neutral/ashy color we have in our brows so it comes out looking seamless. You get the benefit of filling in without the dead giveaway from a color that doesn't match!

No. 4 - RMS Uncover-Up 
This stuff is such a dream come true. I had a client come in preaching about this coconut based concealer. (She also said some of my favorite Victoria's Secret models are fans.) I tried it. I was hooked. It's so smooth and a little goes SO far! You put it on, wait 5 minutes and it magically spreads and blends. I love that it's natural, too. Hard to find but SO worth the hunt.

No. 5 - Shiseido Benefiance Instant Eye Treatment Mask
When the camera gets turned on me, whether it be for an interview or an event, I MUST have these on hand. It fills up your undereye w magic and makes everything incredibly smooth. I depend on these little suckers to keep my bags in check.

No 6. - Diptyque l'eau de l'eau 
I love a roll on perfume to put on my purse. This is Diptyque's newest release. It smells like a luxurious vacation on a private island. I avoid traveling with full perfume bottles so this gem has to come with me everywhere.

No. 7 - Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Leave-in
You know when you feel like your hair is just damaged, dull, boring, etc... Well I don't. If there's one product I force on every single client, friend, sister, reader, it's this. I'm retiring when they stop making it. It changes everything and now it's available at Target so anyone can find it!!

No. 8 - Klorane Dry Shampoo
Promise I have used every single dry shampoo on the market. This has always been and will probably always be my favorite because it doesn't get dusty. Spray it, gently pat it in and it's like you just blew out your hair. I need it to survive. I have oily hair (which is super long) and I hate to wash it every day because my hair needs the natural oils. The best.

No 9. - Restorsea Cleanser 
When big events are coming I splurge on Restorsea cleanser-- it erases all my bad habits like going to bed w makeup on, not exfoliating for a week or forgetting to moisturize. The most advanced enzymes are in this little bottle. I use it with my Clairsonic!

No. 10 - Beauty Counter Lustro Face Oils (individual or available in a set, which is what I got). 
Speaking of magical oils-- I have to admit, this collection got my attention by way of it's super chic packaging. But the results are what made me a lifer. They all contain the same ingredients but have different scents. Massaging the jasmine oil into your skin... um, heaven. Completely natural and Beauty Counter is a B corporation!

Tips & Tricks: Kristin Ess from The Beauty Department | No. 1 Philip B Brush Cleaner | No. 2 Josie Argan Lip Oil| No. 3 Anastasia Brow Duo Powder | No. 4 RMS Uncover-Up | No. 5 Shiseido Benefiance Instant Eye Treatment Mask| No. 6 Diptyque l'eau de l'eau  | No. 7 Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Leave-In | No. 8 Klorane Dry Shampoo | No. 9 Restorsea Cleanser | No. 10 Beauty Counter Lustro Face Oils

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