IKEA Hack: Bedside Table
July 23, 2013
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Yesterday we shared the marble side table that we crafted from a simple $30 find at IKEA. Today, we're moving our craftiness to the bedroom. With another hack, another piece that looks and feels so much more luxe than you would imagine. Especially seeing that the table cost a whopping $8 to start! So let's get to it!

Ikea Lack side table in white (only $8!)
White spray paint
Gold leaf
Sizing adhesive
Glue brush
1-2" paintbrush
Clear spray acrylic
Wood glue or gorilla glue
Elmer's stainable wood filler
Medium grit sandpaper
8 wood corbels or these that are less expensive and slightly smaller. Also a great look!



Assemble the side table according to the Ikea instructions. Lay the table top down.


Use woodglue to secure the molding pieces in each corner- glue along both the leg and the underside of the table. Check the position of each piece, making sure the molding is in line with the legs as closely as possible. You can let them dry as is or use clamps to make sure they're stuck tight.


Once the glue is dry, sand down any bits of glue that have shown up on the exterior. Squeeze woodfiller into all the cracks and smooth gently with your finger (or a scraper if you want to be professional). Let dry. Sand down any excess filler so that the seams between the molding and the table are as smooth as possible.


Spray paint the table white in 2 light coats, paying extra attention to the molding. Don't forget to spray the underside! Let dry 1 hour.


Lay the table top down again. Use the glue brush to paint the underside of the molding and down the side of the leg with adhesive size. Let dry 15 mins or until tacky to the touch. Gently press sheets of gold leaf onto the tacky areas until completely covered. Use the paintbrush to brush away any excess leaf -and if you miss a spot, just press on more! You can't mess it up!


Spray the gold leaf areas with a light coat of clear acrylic to seal it. Let dry, flip the table over and start styling your new nightstand!

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