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July 16, 2013
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Now that you've seen the latest and loveliest Gatsby Party that came across our desk, we thought we'd break it down so that you can whip one of your own together...maybe this weekend? Okay, so what does it really take to host a Gatsby party that feels inspired but fresh? Here are a few must-haves to get yourself a Great Gatsby celebration of your very own.
Dress: ShopBop | Black Napkin: Target | Candles: Jamali Garden | Invitation: Whimsical Printables | Gold Sequined Table Linen: | Headpiece: ShopBop | Cake: Via Style Unveiled, image by My Beloved Photography | Custom Chalk Board: Custom Chalk | Champagne Glasses: West Elm | Gold Flatware: West Elm | Gold Favor Box: DIY via 100 Layer Cake

FASHION. You want your clothes to feel inspired but also modern. So we went with this adorable beaded frock we found at ShopBob. It feels like the 20's, a bit flapper-esque, and also yet decidedly "now." Top it with a pretty silver headpiece like the one we found also at ShopBob and boom. Gatsby with a modern twist if you will. There are a zillion options for 20's fashion right now so aside from the big box stores, check out some of our favorites on Etsy.

DECOR. We loved the idea of starting with these gold sequined tableclothes. Especially if you only have a handful of tables. If you have a long table or too many to top, consider going with a white or black cloth and a sequined table runner. If you're renting your china, go with either a clear glass charger or a gold rimmed variety. Layered with a fun dinner plate like these and you're already halfway there.

As for napkins, we loved how the party that inspired our design had custom, screen printed napkins. You can make those pretty easily using transfer paper (see ours that we made with magnolia flowers for Thanksgiving) or hire someone craft them for you. Placed on top of your dinner plate, you have instant fodder. Consider printing a dinner conversation "if you could be one character on Downton Abbey, who would it be and why."

We loved these gold rimmed champagne flutes we found at West Elm the other day. In fact, we bought some for ourselves because they are so versatile. They felt more modern than the champagne saucers but still really in keeping with our theme.

Chalkboard Signs are a cute addition to a Gatsby theme. Because they feel whimsical and inspired and most Check out this chalkboard artist on etsy if this project feels a bit out of your league!

Other decor must-haves? Gold everything. Little bags of gold sequined confetti, gold sparkly drink stirrers, sparkly votives, the works. You can also go with silver or mix your metallics. The point? Have fun and make it SPARKLE.

FLOWERS. I loved the flowers that our featured Gatspy party utilized. Dark purple ranunculus, peachy peach roses. But if you really want to do it up Gatsby style...consider white flowers in bulk. Particularly orchids.

FOOD & DRINK. It all begins and ends with the champagne. Champagne cocktails, champagne infused jello shots, champagne sorbet and champagne toasts. Make sure it's crisp, cold and most of all...plentiful. In between sips, you want some serious finger food. Think oysters on the half shell (splurge) or a gorgeous crudites with farm fresh veggies (save). Have you noticed that ham always made its way onto tables? Spruce it up a bit by doing miniature ham and cheese souflees. Petite, individual caesar salads. Deviled eggs, individual shrimp cocktails in shot glasses, pretty cheese spreads and finger food that is updated and feels like a twist on the classics.

MUSIC. Have fun with the music. The point of the finger foods and the endless champagne is that they keep people out of their chairs and on the dance floor. Our personal preference would be to do it up like the movie and include hits from Jay Z and along with some of the classics from Scott Joplin. Or you could just use the playlist that Elevated Pulse Productions created right here for a Gatsby inspired party!

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Now...what are YOUR best ideas for a Gatsby Party? Have you ever hosted on yourself or saved one on Pinterest? We would loooove to hear from you in the comments below!