How To Arrange Flowers from Beauty in the Making + KT Merry
July 16, 2013
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For me, arranging the perfect centerpiece is one of the most frustrating experiences ever. Because it never looks exactly like I want it to look. Well, at least it USED to be that is. But, I've unlocked the secret to flower arranging fun (otherwise known as stop-taking-myself-too-seriously) so now I can design centerpieces with joy, resting assured that sometimes imperfectly designed, lovingly fussed with and often slightly lopsided finished products are often the prettiest. And this piece, designed by Beauty in the Making with gorgeous photography by KT Merry is simple, straightforward and lovely no matter how yours may turn out.
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7 stems of Anemone
10 stems of ranunculus
2 stems of peonies
2 sprays of garden roses
3 vines of jasmine
3 branches of crape myrtle flowers
2 veronica white flowers
1 bunch of Lily grass

MATERIALS: 3 - Foot Length of 2 inch ribbon | Floral Tape | Floral Shears

From Eileen of Beauty in the Making...Begin by stripping down the flowers from leaves and torn and cutting them a little longer than the desire length. Holding a spray of garden rose in your hand add greens and flowers keeping the flowers loose. It will help if you arrange the flowers in front of a mirror to get desired look and shape. Once you are happy with the bouquet wrap the stems with floral tape and cover it with the ribbon, finish it with a bow. Trim the stems to an even length.

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Floral Expertise & Design: Beauty in the Making | Photography: KT Merry