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July 10, 2013
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A big warm welcome to some of our new visitors! We're so glad you're here! And for our existing readers, we're tickled pink that we're finally able to let to cat out of the bag: a segment on the Today Show? Well it doesn't get much better than that. The concept: a chic and stylish, eclectic living room filled to the brim with DIY projects and store bought finds alike.

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We tackled DIY rope vases, wood & gold lamps, herringbone trays, bar cart hacks, abstract art AND upholstered benches (whew). And, in case you're looking for some behind the scenes action, here's a quick peek at some of our prep work:
If you tuned in to the show (today between 9-10 am EST!), could you tell which was pieces were DIY'ed and which were purchased? Be honest! I'm fairly confident we stumped a few of you at the very least. But since we're spilling the beans all the same, here's a run down of each project we featured (click each image for a step by step guide):






It's been such a blast and I hope you found our segment helpful! Now go forth and get your DIY on.
xoxo The SMP Living Team

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