DIY Rope Vase
July 10, 2013
So we originally tackled these babies way back when (you can see the original post here), but they were such a huge hit that we thought we'd attempt round two. We've updated them slightly, with a few extra tips and tricks so that you can really shine as a do it yourselfer.
Glass vase (we got ours at Michael's)
25' cotton clothes line (available at Home Depot)
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Gold paintmarker
Liquid gold gilding
Small paintbrush

instructionsstep-1Put small amount of hot glue on one end of your rope and press firmly at the bottom of the vase. Wrap the rope around the vase, and when you reach the opposite side, place a small dab of glue on the vase. Keep wrapping and when you reach the beginning, put another dab of glue on top of the rope and against the glass and press the rope in.

step-2Continue wrapping the rope, dabbing glue twice with each row, until you reach the top of the vase. Trim the rope and secure the end with more glue.

step-3Cut a diamond shape out of cardboard (about 5" long). Place against the vase and trace with the paintmarker. Repeat the diamond shape until the entire vase is filled with the outline.

step-4Use the paintbrush & gilding to trace a thicker line inside the diamonds on the edges of the vase. Then paint a smaller filled diamond shape inside the center diamonds. Let dry, then fill with your favorite blooms!

Design, Styling & Photograhpy: Style Me Pretty Living