DIY Ikea Bar Cart Hack
July 10, 2013
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As an interior designer myself I, admittedly, have a bit of a love hate relationship with Ikea. I can't stand the idea of cheaply made furniture, but I love the concept of style being readily available on a budget. My biggest Ikea-related pet peeve, however? Walking into a friends home only to find a handful of items I too have on display in my own. Which is exactly why this next DIY has me extra giddy. Because though it's definitely more labour intensive than projects of SMP's past, it results in an inexpensive piece that feels anything but mass produced.
Ikea laptop table
Krylon spraypaint in jade
¼” thick acrylic sheet, 36”x48”
Glass cutter
Caster wheels
½” and ⅜” drill bits
Patterned paper
Mod podge
Clear acrylic spray
#8 x ½” long screws (for the castor wheels)
#12 x ⅜” machine screws
Plastic dropcloth


step-1Assemble the Ikea table according to the instructions on the box. Set aside the glass top & the particle board shelf. Move the metal table frame onto the dropcloth, and spraypaint in several light coats to prevent drips from forming.

step-2Paint a light coat of mod podge on the particle board shelf and wrap in patterned paper. Let dry and glue patterned paper to the remaining sides of the shelf. When dry, spray with a light coat of acrylic spray.

step-3Cut acrylic sheet to be 39⅜”x14⅛” with the glass cutter.

step-4Turn metal frame upside down and place acrylic sheet on top. Use a pen to mark the location of the holes on each leg on the acrylic sheet. Remove the sheet and drill holes through the sheet on each mark with the ½” bit.

step-5Place the castor wheels ¾” from the edge of the acrylic sheet on all four sides, and mark the holes with a pen. Remove the wheels and drill holes through the sheet on each mark with the ⅜” bit.

step-6Place castor wheels on the sheet and drill screws in to secure in place. Place sheet on the metal frame (wheels up) and drill the machine screws into the legs. Place the patterned shelf into the shelf slot and drill the remaining 4 screws in to secure it.

step-7Flip the table over and place the glass sheet on top. Style with your favorite cocktail accessories, and wheel out to party!

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