SMP Living on the TODAY Show! #SMPonTODAY
July 9, 2013
Today Show
You guys, this is big. Like crazy pants, hold the phones and cue the squealing BIG. SMP Living is making its first appearance tomorrow on (drumroll please)....the TODAY Show! And as if it's not already totally obvious, our excitement meter is so off-the-charts that we couldn't bear to hold in the big news any longer. Someone just go ahead and pinch us, please!
While we can't spill all the deets just yet, know that our segment will be jam-packed with DIY goodies like you wouldn't believe. And before we run off to put the finishing touches on all the pretty, we need you, loyal Living followers, to pinky promise you'll tune during the 9 o'clock hour to cheer us on! Because let's face it, we couldn't do this one without you. xoxo The SMP team

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