How to Reconnect from Petitely
July 9, 2013
Truth be told, it was this post that fueled our day filled with stationery goodness. Because though we are quite familiar with the wonderful world of social media and staying connected on the regular, every once in a while a girl needs a little reminder to put down the computer and get back to basics. And I'm so glad that Petitely has given us that gentle nudge. Beautifully captured by Vicki Grafton, there's lots more right here.
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From Megan... Even though I'm active on a many social media platforms, I always find myself reverting to the traditional ways of pen on paper. Maybe it goes back to the old days of passing notes in high school, but I find a genuine joy in sending (and receiving!) snail mail. It's such a tangible act of love that I feel is greatly overrated these days. It was a dream to collaborate in Morgan's greenhouse at Petals and Hedges for this shoot and Vicki Grafton's images perfectly showcase how beautiful reconnecting via snail mail can be.

A few quick tips for sending mail properly & making it fancy:
1) Pick a good card. There's so many talented stationery designers out there (my profession makes me a little biased) – you're bound to find the perfect card. If you're stuck on ideas, check out Oh So Beautiful Paper for daily, wedding, and holiday inspiration.

2) Always have a salutation – whether it's 'hey girl', 'dearest ______', or 'whazzup', make it appropriate for whoever you're sending it to.

3) The recipient's address to should be on the front, centered. Your address (aka the return address), should be in the upper left-hand corner or on the back flap of the envelope. I prefer the latter so it keeps the front of the envelope clean.

4) Get a custom stamp to sign your name or address your envelopes – it's such a nice touch to any piece of mail.

5) Along with using the envelope's seal, use washi tape to close the envelope to add a simple pop of color.

6) Pay attention to postage! Double check the postage required to send your mail. For instance, sending square envelopes costs more than your average envelope. If you're not sure, just ask your local postmaster.

Though postage rates steadily rise, I still find myself a loyal snail mailer especially with my friends who live across the States. Let's be honest, receiving a card in the mail is infinitely more meaningful than a Facebook post. I hope you've been inspired to reconnect the traditional way!

Photography: Vicki Grafton | Concept & Styling: Megan Soh of Petitely | Location & Floral Design: Petals and Hedges