Tips for Storing Strawberries
July 3, 2013
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So earlier this morning we covered picking strawberriesbuying strawberries, and now we need to learn how to store them to keep them nice and fresh for optimal use. Not to fear my dears, with our help, you'll be summer ready in no time flat! Here are a few simple tricks that will make your strawberries last for as long as physically possible. We can't have all of that vigorous picking and purchasing to go to waste after all!
Sort the berries and remove any that are moldy. That pesky mold tends to spread quickly so you want it out as soon as possible so it doesn't contaminate the others.

Don't worry about washing your strawberries until just before you eat them. Definitely try to avoid soaking them for long periods of time (the dampness will make them spoil much quicker).

To preserve their shelf life, try to keep the stems in tact until just before popping them into your mouth.

Keep them nice and cold, preferably in a colander, uncovered.


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