Alys Beach from Jeremy Harwell
July 1, 2013
Having visited grandparents in Florida more times than I can count, it's safe to say that it holds a special place in my heart. Though we usually end up in, ahem, retirement type communities, it's still somehow terribly relaxing and always magical. So I can only imagine how incredible residing at Alys Beach must feel. Individual luxury homes lined up perfectly next to a picturesque beach with the whole family in tow? Yep, I'm in! Beautifully captured by Jeremy Harwell, there's so much more right here!
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From Jeremy... Aly's Beach is a luxury residence located along Florida's Gulf Coast. Each home is set along one of the worlds most beautiful, pristine beaches and it's an absolute pleasure to spend a relaxing vacation in this remote location. This particular shoot was for their upcoming website and advertising campaign. It was very much based around the Alys Beach Lifestyle and filled with children and family!

As far as food goes, head to Fonville Press for coffee and breakfast. They also have a fantastic donut truck during the warmer months. George’s is incredible for both lunch and dinner. And Caliza Pool is unmatched.

The architects behind this stunning place are Erik Vogt and Marieanne Khoury -Vogt. If you're looking for more, here's a really informative interview with the team. They have been granted a ton of worldwide awards for their work, and for good reason!

Photography: Jeremy Harwell | Location: Alys Beach | Architects: Erik Vogt and Marieanne Khory-Vogt