Party Theme: Chalk Party
June 28, 2013
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If you have kids, you know that anything involving chalk is generally a good thing. It's colorful, shareable and completely washable. Plus it's sort of fun for the grown-ups too (think brightly colored cocktails with chalk-inspired sugared rims) so it's a win/win for all. Thus, for today's installment of Party Themes, we're taking a little chalk inspiration and cranking it up a notch to two. Click here to see the whole she-bang. PS. Forgive the not so great photographs. It was an off day for me!
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Okay. So you've seen how bright and colorful this party theme can be. Now it's time to break it all down. Here are some ideas to really make your chalk party sparkle!

-Make food-safe "chalk" to write names on plates! Mix a small amount of confectioner's sugar with enough water to make it liquid, and stir in food coloring until you reach the color of your choice. Use a paintbrush to paint on names or other designs, and a wet papertowel will clean up any mistakes.

-A roll of black contact paper can transform any table into a chalkboard table. Just unroll the contact paper and smooth out air bubbles until your table is covered, and trim the excess with scissors. No worries about making a mess! We left ours on for a week because my kids loved it so much.

-Choose food that is simple and grab-able so that guests munch while scribbling away. Our menue included banana milkshakes, chocolate-dipped frozen bananas, white chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks, sugar spray popcorn and chalked black & white cookies.

-Chalkboard labels can make all of your little details - from jars to favors - feel cohesive on on point.

-For a really colorful party, have guests wear white tshirts and celebrate by throwing colored (nontoxic & washable) powders at each other, like the Indian festival of Holi. Check out this inspiration here!

We have some fun Chalk Inspired DIY's coming up next!


Plates: Crate & Barrel | Flatware: Sur La Table | Gem chalk, Popcorn Bowl, Pretzel Jar, Straw Jar: Target | Straws: Michael's | Colored powder: Amazon  | Spray chalk: Abrivo Sports