DIY Velvet Jewelry Tray
June 27, 2013
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The organizational nut within me is all sorts of excited about this next project. It's actually made from a wooden silverware tray, so it's really more of an upcycle project than anything else. That means it doesn't require any wood working skills - just a lot of hot glue! It's supremely easy and gives you all sorts of fun little compartments to ensure that your baubles stay in line (because there's nothing that drives me mental more than a knotted mess of tangled jewelry!)
Wooden silverware tray (we got ours at Bed, Bath, & Beyond)
1 yard velvet fabric
Cotton batting
Upholstery foam (we got ours at Joann Fabrics)
Silver spraypaint
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Exacto knife

step-1 Remove all the interior wooden inserts from the tray. This is a little tricky, because they are glued in along the bottom edge. Try wiggling the piece from side to side until you can loosen it enough to pull that side out, then pull the other side out. You can run an exacto blade along the bottom edge to try to loosen the glue. You can also push or bow out the piece it’s inserted into, and create a little space for it to loosen that way.

step-2 Turn the tray upside down and spraypaint it silver. Let dry, then flip over and spray the top edge of the sides. Let dry.

Cut a slim piece of cotton batting (roughly the width & length of the wood insert piece) and hot glue to the top edge of the insert. Repeat with remaining insert pieces.

step-4 Place one of the inserts on the backside of the velvet fabric, and fold the fabric over. Cut a strip that allows it to completely cover the height of the insert, and is only as long as the insert before it touches the slots (and not the tips which will get pushed back into the slots- if covered in fabric they would be too thick to slide back in). Repeat with remaining inserts. There are several sizes of insert, so measure each one individually.

step-5 Hot glue a line across the bottom of the insert. Press the bottom edge of the velvet into the glue, pull velvet over to the other side and glue in place. Some inserts have slots cut into them- find them and use the scissors to slice a vertical line in the middle of the slot, up to almost the top but not quite. Trim any excess velvet from the bottom of the inserts.

step-6 Place velvet into the tray and press into corners and up the sides. Trim excess velvet that is more than 1” from the top edge. Lift up one corner of velvet, hot glue right at the edge, and press velvet back into place. Repeat with remaining corners, lining the sides with hot glue as you go.

step-7 Use the scissors to cut a line down the corners where the velvet has built up. Fold the one side under until it is parallel with line of the corner and hot glue in place. Repeat on the other side, and then with remaining corners. Fold the top sides of the velvet underneath itself and glue into an even border on the top edge of the tray. Find the slots along the sides of the tray and use the exacto knife to slit them open.

step-8 Push the inserts back into the slots of the tray. Cut small squares of velvet to cover any gaps in the velvet and hot glue in place.

Cut the foam into a block that’s ½” thick and the width of one of the smaller sections of the tray. Cut that block into sections that are the slightly lower than the height of the inserts. Turn them sideways and stack into one of the smaller tray sections. Continue adding foam pieces until the section is filled.

step-10Remove the foam, wrap each piece in velvet, and secure with hot glue. Place a dot of glue on the underside of each section and place in the tray. Add your jewelry and admire your work!

Styling & Photograhy: Style Me Pretty Living