DIY Garden Markers
June 25, 2013
Sometimes, it's the simplest ideas that really stand the test of DIY times. The little ways to add personality and soul to your life without burning your fingers with hot glue or accidentally sewing your finger to your fabric. So when we saw these sweet little Garden Markers that the lovely Mariah at Everything Golden sent our way we fell in love. We are simplifying things for you times ten though with printable templates so that your markers actually look like peppers and tomatos (speaking from experience as I painted what I thought would be a tomato but turned out looking like a blob of white paint).

Semi-flat river or smooth rocks
White paint and paint brush
a pencil
protective finish (like clear modge podge) to protect from the rain and elements



If you're using our templates, download them here!

Wash your rocks and dry them thoroughly. Draw your image onto the rock with a pencil. Fill in with paint and let dry completely. Paint on your finish (or spray depending on what you're using). Voila!