DIY Papel Picado Coasters
June 21, 2013
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Okay, okay, so I know we went totally over the top with the whole papel picado thing, but when you give brightly coloured tissue paper and a pair of scissors to a bunch of creative ladies, their inner craft goddesses simply emerge. And can you really blame us? The results are just so stinking cute that we simply couldn't help ourselves. These coasters were great for our party, but they also add that little bit of zing to every day life - so you could totally use them regularly and make your beverage feel fancy at all times.
MaterialsTissue paper
Masking tape
1” paintbrush
Mod Podge or watered down Elmer's Glue
5” square white ceramic tiles (available at Home Depot)
Felt sticky dots
Papel picado coaster template

instructionsstep-1Download & print out our papel picado coaster template.

step-2Gather 4 sheets of tissue paper and cut to 5”x5”. Stack the template on top of the crepe paper and tape the top edges together with masking tape. Fold the paper in half so that the template is on the outside.

step-3Cut around the outside edge of the template (but leave the top edge in place until the end).

step-4Begin to cut out the shapes along the folded edge. Fold again to access the shapes in the middle (fold down the center of one or more shapes in a row). Having trouble visualizing? Check out this cute video for a clearer picture.

step-5Remove the masking tape and cut the remaining edge. Unfold and separate your papel picados.

step-6Center a tissue papel picado on a ceramic tile. Lift up one corner and paint with mod podge. Gently press into place. Lift the remaining paper and paint mod podge. Lay down evenly and firmly press into place. Paint another layer of mod podge over the top, and repeat with remaining coasters. Let dry 24 hrs, then break out at your next party!

And you're probably wondering who the winner is from our Laundry by Shelli Segal giveaway, aren't you? Well a big congratulations to jfoltin85! Laundry will be in touch shortly with all of the details. Thanks for playing, and happy Friday everyone!!