DIY Abstract Art
June 17, 2013
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So just in case our kisses art isn't really your thing, we thought we'd put together something a little more sophisticated and a little less playful. Some art for adults, if you will! This abstract art is surprisingly easy to make with your own two hands, even if you have little to no artistic skills at all. With our help, you'll be a veritable Van Gogh in no time flat! Pinky swear.
4 fl oz red, yellow, blue, black acrylic paint
8 fl oz white acrylic paint
3” paintbrush
1” paintbrush
Medium round paintbrush
Plate for mixing paint
24x36” canvas
Plastic painting dropcloth
Masking tape


step-1Tape the plastic dropcloth to a wall and let it cover a thin table or chair so that you can rest the canvas vertically on the table or chair and lean it against the wall. You can also set it up on the floor and paint there, as long as the canvas is upright against the wall.

step-2Mix a small amount of yellow with a large amount of white paint until you get a nice pale yellow. Use the 3” brush to paint the whole canvas, and don’t stress about the color being totally even.

step-3Mix a small amount of yellow, a pinch of red, and a large amount of white until you get a light peach. Use the 3” brush to paint the bottom of the canvas up to about ¼” of the canvas.

step-4Add a little more white to your peach mix until you have a slightly lighter peach. Paint along the top section of peach with the lighter shade, and on the right side of the canvas, build the color up into the yellow.

step-5Mix a little black with a lot of blue to make navy. Use the round paintbrush to draw a horizontal line across the canvas, a couple inches below the edge of the peach. Since all the paint is still wet, you won’t be able to draw a consistent, smooth line with the paint, and that’s ok. You may need to dot it on until you get a nice dark line.

step-6Use some paper towels to gently brush the surrounding peach paint into the edges of the navy line. This will help it look more mixed in and grounded in the painting. This is a fun time to experiment, and if you don’t like the look of something you did, just add more color on top of it to “erase” it. You can’t mess up!

step-7If you like, you can add touches of the colors into other areas of the painting to flesh out the detail. I added some light peach in the lower left corner, and a quick stroke of peach to my upper right light peach section, and a thin stroke of peach coming in from the right, parallel to the navy line. When you feel good about how it looks, let it dry for 24 hrs and then hang away!

-Don’t worry about your brushstokes! Paint sideways, vertical, swirled- whatever- you’ll do so much mixing of colors on this painting that it will all come out in the wash. The more relaxed you feel, the looser and more effortless the painting will come out.

-Step back frequently, take a look at the picture as a whole, and see if you like where it’s going. This is why I had you set up the canvas vertically and not laying down- because it helps you get a perspective of what you’re making, as you’re making it.

-If you are hanging the canvas without a frame, definitely splurge on the canvas that wraps all the way around the sides (you’ll know because you won’t see staples running down the sides) and be sure to paint the sides as well. This feels more luxurious and will look great when hung.

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