The Amalfi Coast with Lark & Linen
June 13, 2013
If you happen to read my personal blog, lark & linen, you're already well aware that I snuck away for a handful of days not long ago. My boyfriend and I found a ridiculous deal for a week on the Amalfi Coast - one we simply couldn't pass up (regularly "wasting time" on travel-deal sites pays off, I tell you!) So we quickly packed our bags and off we went. I've been fortunate enough in my life to have visited a few incredible places, but the Amalfi Coast was full of magic all on its own. Rolling hills and emerald coloured seas - it's safe to say that it stole a piece of my heart. We spent the week hoping around from town to town, enjoying gelato along the way (but of course) all while taking in the incredible sites. Here's a little glimpse of our journey in picture format. There's a chance I went a little photo happy so if you're looking for more there's a big huge gallery full right here.
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And a few of my personal tips?

Must See:
::Positano. It's quite touristy and slightly lacking that local Italian feel, but the views are absolutely unbelievable. You know all those stunning hillside photos you likely re-pin on the regular? Yep - Positano.
::The ruins of Pompeii. I'm usually anti-tour, but we opted to do one this time around simply due to logistics and I'm so happy we did. We learnt a ton and it shaved 2 trains and 2 buses off our trek.
::The views of Naples from the top of Mount Vesuvius (one of the most deadly active volcanos in all of Europe)
::The Duomo di Amalfi. We went in on a whim and were blown away by the beauty. It's also where the bones of St. Andrew have been laid to rest. It's pretty unreal!

Must Do:
::Grab a drink at the Champagne Bar at Le Sireneuse in Positano. it will likely be the most expensive drink of your entire life, but the views are well worth it. Plus? You just feel fancy (and they serve free marcona almonds and olives with your order - if that's not a deal and a half I don't know what is!)
::Climb to the top of Mount Vesuvius. It's a bit of a trek (30 minutes up steep inclines) but, as mentioned, the views are well worth it and there's beer and wine waiting for you at the top. Drinking a cold beer on a volcano? One of those once in a lifetime experiences.
::Grab a bottle or two of (crazy inexpensive) wine at a local grocery store and sit on your hotel balcony for the evening. My personal favourite way to end the day.
::Take the city bus (it's called the Sita) from town to town. It's a surprisingly easy and very economical way to get around.
::Head to Ravello and take the trail down to Minori. The winding roads are ridiculous, the sights are beyond and the trek makes you feel a bit better about all of the pizza you likely ingested.
::Get lost. Wander down little alleys and up random steps. Obviously do so in daylight with a friend, and trust your instincts; staying safe is kind of important. But getting lost and stumbling upon hidden gems is always such a thrill.

Must Eat (& Drink!):
::Gelato. Every day. Twice. Just do it.
::Caprese salads - I'm not the biggest tomato fan but theirs are like candy. We couldn't get enough.
::Limoncello - the perfect way to end a meal.
::Prosseco - infinitely better quality and much less expensive than that found back home.
::Pizza frita - basically deep fried pizza dough. We only found it in one spot but it tasted like angels and love (and I've been told it's relatively common)
::Pizza margherita - keep it simple and eat it en masse.
::Note: At a restaurant, always ask for a local (house) wine. We were never disappointed with the quality and it was a fraction of the cost of the other (still ridiculously inexpensive) options.

Favourite Shops:
Truth be told, I wasn't blown away by the shopping. Most spots felt incredibly touristy and not totally my schtick. We did find a few that I'd happy return to though:
::Nadir, in Positano. Tons of sweet trinkets, and where I picked up the most gorgeous of all hand painted bowls
::All of the shoe/sandal shops in Ravello
::The Contemporary Shop, in Amalfi. Filled with unique, quality objects that I couldn't get enough of.

Photography by: Jacquelyn Clark of lark & linen