DIY Father's Day Gift
June 12, 2013
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In case you're anything like me and have completely forgotten that Father's Day is coming up THIS Sunday, well, we crafted up a little somethin-somethin that will make it look like you've had your gift planned for a freaking year. And though it looks like seriously advanced sewing, this tie is made with as little stitching as possible. It's genius, it's adorable, and although it's a's a HOMEMADE tie! So that counts as some serious bonus points! Can you tell I'm excited!?
Old tie
Fabric (about 1 yard)
Fabric for back lining
Sewing machine
White thread (or other matching color)
Fabric glue
Iron transfer paper
Iron & ironing board
Happy Father's Day template




Carefully disassemble the old tie, separate each piece and iron flat. Set aside the tie interfacing to reuse (it’s the white fabric in the center of the tie). Iron the new fabric.


Pin the old tie pieces onto the new tie fabric. Pin the old lining pieces onto the new lining fabric. Cut the new fabric along the edge of the old tie pieces and remove the pins. Throw away the old tie fabric.


Lay the two pieces of tie fabric together along the diagonal line in the middle of the tie, front sides facing each other, so that when they are unfolded, the tie is a long straight line. Pin in together, sew a ½” hem, then remove pins & trim excess threads.


Place the larger lining piece on the matching end of the tie fabric, front sides of the fabric facing each other, and pin in place. Repeat with the other end of the tie. Sew the lining pieces with a ½” hem, remove pins, and trim the excess threads. Flip the lining pockets inside out.


The older tie I used was a little wide, so I folded the old tie interfacing in half lengthwise and trimmed off some of the width to make a skinny tie.


Place the tie lining side up, and put the interfacing inside the lining pockets. Fold in a ½” hem on the sides of the tie starting after the lining pocket. Iron the crease in place.


Fold the sides in and make sure they just overlap each other. Pin the first side in place, then use fabric glue to secure. Fold the second side over and glue in place.


Cut out a piece of lining fabric that is 3½ x1½”. Fold a ½” border on each side and pin in place, so the ending rectangle is 2½ x ½”. Sew along the edges to secure the folds, remove the pins, and trim the excess threads.


Print the Happy Father’s Day template onto the iron transfer paper. Cut out as close the letters as possible. Place upside down on the front of the lining rectangle and iron for 30 seconds. Peel off the backing and position on the backside of the larger end of the tie. Glue each side of the rectangle to the tie, making sure to leave the center loose. Wrap up your tie and surprise the father in your life!

*Minimal sewing! Only a few straight lines required. (woohoo!)
*Fairly quick. (yay!) There are a lot of steps, but it only took me about an hour to do the whole thing.
*You can reuse an old tie as the base for a new one, no need to hunt for a pattern. If your husband is anything like mine, he moved in with a selection of terrible ties that he has yet to get rid of. Sneak one of the ugly ones out of the closet and repurpose into something you’d actually like to see him in! He’ll never notice that the old one is missing, and you’ll save lots of $$. Tried & true - that’s literally what I did to make this one.


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