Mid-Century Modern Home from Jasmine Nicole Photography
June 10, 2013
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Spaces shaped by family, that feel lived-in and loved, give me a big ol' grin from ear to ear. And if you've got two sweet little twin gals and a beautiful baby boy like Latisha Lyn and her husband, then there's sure to be plenty of love to go around. Top it off with a bit of mid-century modern style, amazing thrifting finds and a few lovingly hand-crafted pieces and we've got a warm and welcoming gallery full of photos from Jasmine Nicole Photography.
From Latisha Lyn... Two years ago my husband and I were apartment living and just had our twin girls when suddenly things felt really small. Although the apartment wasn't huge, and something bigger would have been nice, buying a home seemed impossible. This didn't stop us from dreaming planning for the future.
My dad, who happens to be a realtor, suggested a few homes and when I walked into this one I completely fell in love. It was built in the 50's and had so much potential and charm. It took looking beyond the gross carpet (each room had a different color), the dark paneling and much much more... But I could see through it and I knew it was perfect for our first home.
My love for "old" didn't stop there. It quickly extended to some of the furniture we ended up with. Mid-century modern makes my heart leap with joy. I'm a sucker for it! I search for it! My Craigslist app alerts me if anything mid century or Danish is posted!
In addition, my husband and I have also made some of the pieces found within our home: the tree stumps that act as our bedside tables, our coffee table, patio table... We've also been known to refurbish found mid-century pieces as well.
In terms of our style, people have been known to peg us as modern, others know all about our love for mid-century modern, and we've even been told that our home reminds them of Anthropologie.

My favourite? My dad, says it's hippie! Whatever it's labelled as, it thrills me to no end to decorate our home.
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Photography: Jasmine Nicole Photography