Ariane's Soho Apartment from Trent Bailey Photography
June 10, 2013
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I met Ariane maybe 6 years ago. Just as I was starting Style Me Pretty. She had recently launched a gorgeous and crazy smart bridesmaids collection called twobirds Bridesmaids. And what I remember most from that first meeting was Ariane's grace. Her pure, innate elegance. And it translates into everything she touches...from her beautiful clothing to her homes, one of which was featured in Lonny Mag. So of course, when she opened the doors for us to her Soho Apartment, I knew we were in for such a treat. With photography by the incredible Trent Bailey, this home tour is one that you will visit time and time again. there's lots more right here!
SMP: Who designed your home?
It's a 1970's loft with 13 windows. A quintessential SOHO loft. There's not a lot of wall space since it's open and has lots of windows so we live in the middle! My husband Max and I love to pick the interiors so we do it ourselves.
SMP: Describe your personal style in three words or less?
Easy, Flowy, Chic
SMP: Your favourite room in your loft?
Since it's wide open, the whole apartment is kind of one room, however I love our daughter Charlie's nursery. We covered it in shag and it's all white and calming.
SMP: Has your work in the wedding industry influenced your personal style as far as your home is concerned?
Hmmm, interesting question. I'm not sure I've ever linked the two but I love outside weddings and we integrate many plants in to our homes.
SMP: I know you have your hands full with that little girl of yours, any great tips on how to wrangle all those toys & things that goes along with life with kids?
LET IT GO! We let Charlie draw on one of the walls to express herself. I think it's important to be free and allow kids to be themselves. It's just a white coat of paint in the end and she has such a good time. Each night before bed we clean up her toys and start again in the morning!
SMP: Which item can you not live without?
I got a 1870's mail cabinet from a post office off ebay. It's dark wood with like a hundred drawers and shelves that is just amazing. They had to haul it in the apartment through the window it's so big!
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SMP: What does "home" mean to you?
Anywhere my husband and daughter are.

SMP: What design trend do you think will stand the test of time?
Edison light bulbs. We have them everywhere and they make light so much nicer to look at.


Photography: Trent Bailey | Home Tour: Ariane of Two Birds Bridesmaids