Skinny Vanilla Soy Mocha
May 29, 2013
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Like clockwork, come 3:00 every afternoon my sweet tooth kicks in and I find myself scrounging for something sweet. And caffeinated. More often than not, I'm left with a sad little handful of chocolate chips in an attempt to curb said craving. So when Abby introduced me to this crazy easy to make little chocolate number, the inner sugar-a-holic within me perked up. Plus, I figured that saving $4 every day by making it instead of starbucksing it was worth every last penny.

4 ounces brewed coffee
4 ounces light vanilla soy milk
2 TBS chocolate syrup
fat free (or full fat, whatever you prefer) whipped cream

1. Start with your brewed coffee.

2. Then pour in your soy milk.

3. Add in your chocolate and give it a good stir.

4. Then, a big ole dolup of whipped cream and maaaaaybe some shaved chocolate on top. (It's getting less "skinny" by the minute I realize but oh so very good.) And enjoy!