DIY Stenciled Towels
May 28, 2013
Good morning, lovelies! It's GORGEOUS out today here in Boston and we thought this little project was the perfect way to add a touch of something light and breezy into your home. To celebrate all of the prettiness happening inside and out. Plus, we loved the idea that these DIY stenciled towels were handcrafted so perfection wasn't even remotely in the cards. The imperfections on each gave them a really nice, worn, almost vintage feel. We originally made these to hand out as hostess gifts, but we might have kept a few to hang in our own bathrooms because they were just so pretty (shh. don't tell!)

Pack of Tea Towels, we found ours at Michaels
Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint
Small Paintbrushes


1. Tape your stencil to the desired area.

2. Paint over stencil using thin, even coats.

3. Let dry.

4. Hang and enjoy! (Yep, it's THAT easy).

Note: feel free to freehand them as well! We freehanded a few stripes and they might be our favourite in the bunch.

Styling & Photography by: Style Me Pretty Living