Behind the Scenes with Lubov Azria and BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP
May 24, 2013
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One of the many highlights of this job is getting to interview some insanely talented, beyond inspirational people from all walks of life. People like Lubov Azria, fashion designer and COO of BCBGMAXAZRIA, the stunning clothing company we all know and love. Lubov is not only beautiful inside and out, she also oozes style and grace and is an incredible wealth of fashionable knowledge. And today's our lucky day because not only is she answering some of our burning questions, she also let us take a behind the scenes peek at the gorgeous BCBGMAXAZRIA offices. Keep on reading for some behind the scenes goodies and don't miss the rest right here in the gallery. Oh, and for all you wedding fanatics, we've also got some additional pretties on SMP weddings right here!
SMP: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
LA: I have always been interested in art. I spent my time drawing and sketching clothing. The official start of my career was when I realized I needed to find a practical application for my creativity and my parents encouraged fashion design. It was the ideal way for me to create a career for myself that still incorporated art.

The study of art history drove my passion for fashion. Self-expression and my love for visual arts went hand in hand when I knew I had an artistic eye with a keen attention to detail.

When I enrolled in a fashion institute, I discovered my love for draping and patternmaking. I balanced work and school and had a job assisting a designer. The job turned out to be a great education. Later on, that experience made it easier to get a variety of jobs and gain diverse experience.
SMP: What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?
LA: My first designs were cheerleader outfits during my sophomore year in high school at San Antonio, Texas!

SMP: How has France influenced your style/BCBGMAXAZRIA?
LA: In the heart of Paris, then and now, I have always been inspired by French women’s style. French style is about the way a woman puts her look together; it’s confident and sexy. With France as the fashion capital, it has clearly established iconic looks and images. BCBGMAXAZRIA embodies a true combination of European sophistication and American spirit. My primary focus has always been about proportion and silhouette. I’ve been in this industry for a long time and I do tend to reference my past.
SMP: What matters to you most as a fashion designer?
LA: My mission as a fashion designer is to make women feel beautiful and confident.

Our focus has always been to make women look and feel fabulous while making the process of getting dressed feel effortless. BCBGMAXAZRIA provides sophisticated and wearable pieces that address’ all aspects of a woman’s lifestyle and lets her feel confident and beautiful in every moment of her day. It is luxurious, tasteful and chic.

Fashion is all about looking good and feeling beautiful, so it’s necessary to choose styles based on what looks good on you. Wear your clothes with confidence and you’ll be prepared for any occasion.
SMP: Any words of advice for someone hoping to follow in your footsteps?
LA: Follow your dreams and never give up, no matter what. Stay true, learn, be open-minded, and have a great follow-through. Remember, it’s not about you at the end of the day. Fashion is a service — you are serving the customer. Always understand that.

SMP: Any predictions on the next big trend in fashion?
LA: Vibrant colors and prints continue to be a big trend. But I believe trends are never completely done with — if you incorporate your own style, you can easily revive a trend while making it your own. Because individual style, with a sartorial touch, will always be in style.
SMP: The greatest lesson in business you’ve ever learnt?
LA: Stay passionate and true to yourself. If there’s one thing that keeps me going each and every day, it’s the love for what I do. I’m currently living my dream: creating and discovering new things, each and every day. Stay true to yourself, and you will find success, no matter what you do.

SMP: If you could go back, would you change anything?
LA: No.
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SMP: Your very favourite article that you’ve ever designed?
LA: Picking a favorite piece is like picking a favorite child! My most favorite pieces are normally those which walk first and last down the runway!

SMP: Three things every woman should have in her closet?
LA: A versatile dress that can take you any where from day to night. A metallic accessory to add a touch of glam and sparkle to your look, like a gold clutch. Statement jewelry to personalize your look.

SMP: If you had to wear one item every day, what would it be and why?
LA: My wardrobe essential is a really great dress!

Photography by: Bryce Covey | Location: BCBGMAXAZRIA Offices | Interview with: Lubov Azria, COO of BCBGMAZAZRIA | Film from: Richard Photo Lab

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