Summer Finds for $50 or Less
May 23, 2013
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I love having a seasonal wardrobe as much as the next girl but honestly, I don't want to fork over a zillion dollars every time I feel the need to update my wardrobe. So while I totally appreciate the need to invest in timeless pieces, I also want to gussy them up with some inexpensive cuteness that feels just right... for right now. Enter, Summer Finds for $50 or less. Summer shopping made totally easy.
Pink Bathingsuit: TopShop | Pink Striped Cell Phone Case: Piperlime | Striped Makeup Bag: J. Crew | Coral Dress: Ruche | Striped Straw Hat: Piperlime | Coral Watch: Ruche | Coral Sandals: Piperlime  | Multicolored Necklace: J. Crew Factory | Teal Dress: Ruche | Yellow Chevron Dress: DownEast | Braided Bracelet: Piperlime | Gold Chain Bracelet: J. Crew Factory | Floral Top: Piperlime | Aqua Shorts: J. Crew Factory | Ring: Piperlime | Striped Dress: J. Crew | Leather Thong Sandals: Piperlime | Soft Yellow Maxi Dress: Ruche | Teal Clutch: Ruche | Feathered Bracelet: Piperlime | White Bathing Suit: ASOS | Beaded Necklace: Piperlime | Pink Ombre Cell Phone Case: Ruche | Mint Shoes: J. Crew | Sunglasses: Anthropologie