DIY Gold Pitchers
May 21, 2013
I swear, if someone doesn't stop me I'm going to go on a gold leafing rampage and fancify everything I own! It's such a simple process yet it makes such a huge impact. I love that you can transform a mass produced, run of the mill item and give it a hint of wow in no time flat. In this case, we grabbed an inexpensive ceramic pitcher and got to it. If I'm being honest, it's so simple that you almost don't even need any guidance, but we've provided our step by step below for ease of mind.

Gold Leaf, with adhesive and seal
Ceramic pitchers (of your choice)
2 Soft Paintbrushes, any size

1. Paint a thin layer of your adhesive onto the area that you would like to gold leaf. I did a large area and didn't really mind if the lines were jagged and imperfect.

2. Let sit for 20 minutes until it becomes tacky.

3. Apply the gold leaf, gently smoothing with your paintbrush as you go.

4. Continue this process until the area you want is covered in gold leaf.

5. Paint on the sealer and let dry completely.

Note: You might need a second coat of sealer if you are doing a large area.
Styling & Photography by: Style Me Pretty Living