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May 21, 2013
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I have a serious soft spot for the duo behind A Piece of Toast. Molly & Sally are the type of girls you could quickly and easily call your very best friends. They're beyond sweet, they have style for days, and their posts make me giggle on the regular. I recently found myself lucky enough to catch up with this dynamic team and took the chance to learn a little bit more... Don't miss the rest of their super cute, shared apartment right here in the gallery.
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SMP: Some words you live by?
MBM: Work smarter not harder.
SAM: Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.

SMP: Any guilty pleasures?
MBM: Bravo TV, ice cream, and sleeping in past my alarm.
SAM: Sour Patch Kids and a good manicure and pedicure.

SMP: What did you think your dream job was before your dream job found you?
MBM: Haha, I thought I had my dream job three years ago! Now I’m in my third job and really, third career change, and my view of what a “dream job” means for me continues to evolve.
SAM: I don't think I have found my dream job yet! I know that I am in a profession that I love, but I am still waiting to find that "place" in which to perform it that I love - then I will have found it!

SMP: What's your favorite quote that describes your creative process?
MBM: “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” I love that quote, I think it applies to my frame of mind when I’m creating – I want to stick to “me” and not try to do “them.” Having a decisive and distinct point of view is one of the things I love most about myself and something that’s really helped me in my professional and blogging life.
SAM: "The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them." In a nutshell, stay true to yourself.
SMP: If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?
MBM: That sounds like a big responsibility… I have no idea!
SAM: Empathy can take you far in life. Take the time to remember that everyone has a story and has gone through things that you may not know - remember that each time you meet someone new.

SMP: If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?
MBM: I would get my degree in graphic design. But really, my degree in Interior Design has gotten me so far that I can’t imagine going back and changing what I studied. So far, my career path has been unorthodox but it’s all happened for a reason and I don’t have any regrets about what I’ve done or where I’ve been because it’s gotten me here – and I have a job I really enjoy that challenges me!
SAM: Honestly, no. I am not one of those people that ever thinks that way. I truly think that everything happens for a reason, and that if it doesn't seem like it at the moment, wait a little bit and you will see that it all really does work out in the end. Look forwards, not backwards!

SMP: What is one piece of advice you would give to a blogger just starting out?
MBM: It’s a lot of work! Be patient and don’t expect instant success over night. Be YOU.
SAM: "Its better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation". Only start a blog if you have something to offer that is uniquely you. In doing so, you will get the most out of it as will your readers. Be you and and figure the rest out as you go. Take one day at a time.

SMP: What is your favorite item in your home?
MBM: My bed.
SAM: Haha, a really cozy throw blanket. I cannot sit on the couch or on my bed (or anywhere really) without being covered up with a blanket. I think it comes from growing up in a home where my mom always had the coziest throws strewn about.


SMP: What's your best tip for balancing work and personal life?
MBM: Keep a calendar so you can visually see when things become unbalanced… If Sally and I have been to blog related meetings or events for three nights in a row (after we finish our day jobs) it’s time for a break. Sometimes you sacrifice work for your personal life, sometimes it’s sacrificing your personal life for work. I don’t think there is any rule of thumb for staying balanced aside from knowing your own limits and realizing it’s okay when you can’t do it all!
SAM: Don't forget to take care of yourself. In the rush of a hectic work life, its easy to forget to take care of yourself. I am guilty of this more often than not. If you need a break, give yourself a break. No one knows you and your needs better than yourself.

SMP: What was the tipping point in your business that made you feel like your blog was going to thrive?
MBM: Oh gosh… Maybe when we started getting regular engagement from our readers via comments, emails, etc. Feeling the support and encouragement from them made me think, “Wow, we’re really doing this thing!”
SAM: I think it was when we really started to get a flow of recognition. Whether it was from readers or brands, it was such a game changer when we realized that people really were reading (and loving) what we were putting out there. That's when we knew that we had everything we needed, support, to thrive.

SMP: What is the hardest lesson in business you've ever learned?
MBM: You can’t work for free. Because Sally and I work full time jobs on top of managing our blog, we’ve faced the fact that our “free” time is limited and precious… And that it’s okay to ask for adequate compensation. The hardest part was convincing ourselves that we deserved compensation. It took a long time to get to that point.
SAM: Learning to get out of my comfort zone. It takes a lot of bravery to take a chance and not be complacent, especially in business. Its so easy to sit back and let the years go by out of comfort and not happiness. Do what makes you happy, this is our one life and we have to live it right.
SMP: Stranded on a desert island question... what's the one cocktail you would take with you?
MBM: A desert island definitely calls for a Corona with lime.
SAM: A Greyhound (vodka and grapefruit juice)

SMP: What color do you think will stand the test of trend time?
MBM: Navy.
SAM: White. Is that totally boring? I will never love anything or any trend more than the classic-ness of white.

SMP: One thing every style savvy homeowner should have?
MBM: Good coffee table books that speak to their aesthetic.
SAM: Books. I think that the books you fill your home with say so much about you and I truly cannot imagine living in a home without loads and loads of books. After all, you are your favorite book.

SMP: If you could buy yourself a single gift of any cost, what would it be?
MBM: A Cartier LOVE bracelet. That sounds ridiculous but it would be a good reminder to always love myself and hey, if I get to the point that I can ever afford to buy one for myself that would be quite the accomplishment!
SAM: Unlimited travel miles. Traveling is my bliss.

Photography by: Kelsey Foster | Blog & Interview: A Piece of Toast