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How-To: Braids (Three Ways!)
May 16, 2013
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Ok so don't let these tutorials fool you as we consider ourselves to be total braid beginners. The complicated stuff...well, we sort of admire from afar. So we thought it'd be fun to showcase some of our easy as can be everyday braids. All you need is a head full of hair and little to no skill at all and a commitment to be braid-fabulous. Whether it's a braided bun, the always chic side fishtail (how adorable is our mini-model, by the way?) or a braided crown. These are three braids - photographed by KT Merry - that anyone can do.
step-1Brush clean hair until it is tangle-free. Flip your head upside down.

step-2Beginning at the nape of your neck, french braid your hair towards the crown of your head. If you need a little french braid tutorial,we especially  like this one from The Beauty Department.

step-3When you reach the crown, gather the braid and the remaining hair and tie cleanly with a ponytail holder.

step-4Flip your head right-side up, and smooth any fly-aways with hairspray.

step-5Twist your ponytail into a bun and pin with bobby pins. Give yourself a finishing touch of hairspray.

step-1Brush clean hair until it is tangle free. Brush the hair over to one side and gather in a ponytail just behind the ear, tie with a holder.

step-2Split the ponytail into two sections.

step-3Take a small section of hair from the back of one group and bring it over to the front of the second group. Take a small section of hair from the back of the second group and bring it to the front of the first. Continue doing this until the braid is the length you desire and tie it off.

step-4Spray the braid with hairspray. Use scissors to cut the top ponytail holder and gently loosen top of the braid. Spray with hairspray a final time.

step-1Brush clean hair until it is tangle free. Part it in the center.

step-2Starting at the beginning of the part on one side, french braid the hair until you reach the ear. At that point, continue with just a regular braid and tie with a ponytail holder when you reach the end of the hair. Repeat on the other side of the head.

step-3Take one braid and use a bobby pin to pin it just underneath the french braid of the other side. Take the second braid and pin it underneath the first french braid. Be sure to hide any visible bobby pins and hair ties (it's a good idea to use ones that match your hair color for this style) and finish with a coat of hair spray.

And, because we're totally on a braid roll here, take a quick peek at some of the other gorgeous hair-dos that acted as our inspiration for this round up of tutorials. Some a bit more advanced than others, all equally lovely.
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Photography by: KT Merry | Styling & Design by: Style Me Pretty Living