How To Make Chocolate Truffles from Jessica Foster Confections
May 14, 2013
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The thought of making chocolate truffles has always felt incredibly intimidating to me. I've considered tackling them in the past, but always ended up grabbing a few at a local bakery in order to satisfy any truffle craving that happens to plague. But with Jessica Foster's tips and tricks, I'm feeling entirely more confident. As it turns out they aren't terribly difficult in the least! And if that wasn't enough to sell me, Josh's images are seriously making my mouth water. Let's be honest, these guys will likely find their way into my kitchen much sooner than anticipated. Click here to see more!
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Liquor Infused Chocolate Truffles

ingredients12 ounces milk chocolate (chips or bar) cut into small pieces
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 ounce butter
2 tsp liquor (whiskey, frangelico, tuaca… anything you are in the mood for)
Chocolate for dipping
Cocoa powder for dipping

1. Place chocolate in a heat proof bowl.

2. Heat cream and liquor in a small pot. Let it come to a boil and pour over chocolate.

3. Stir to combine and then add butter. This will create your chocolate ganache.

4. Once butter has melted, cool ganache, stirring regularly.

5. Create quarter-sized balls by using a scoop or spoon (you may also use a piping bag).

6. Chill as needed in order to form fairly round balls (approx. 1hour).

7. In another bowl, melt chocolate for dipping.

8. Dip balls into chocolate and coat in the palm of your hand, then drop in the cocoa powder.

9. Roll around to coat evenly. Enjoy!

Recipe by: Jessica Foster Confections | Photography by: Josh Gruetzmacher | Styling by: Kelly Oshiro