Molly Sims' Nursery from Gia Canali
May 13, 2013
She may be the most beautiful girl on the planet, with perfect hair and legs for days. But you know what else Molly Sims is? Real. And that's precisely why I love her so very much. And if you’re like me and have spent days poring over her wedding feature and gorgeous new site - overflowing with chic, easy lifestyle secrets from beauty must-haves to entertaining - your love of all things Molly has been kicked up a notch or two. Which means that I’m so super excited that Molly has been gracious enough to open her nursery doors for us, which has been beautifully captured by Gia Canali. And she's not only sharing her gorgeous sense of design, but a few tips for mommies out there who look to Molly with as much love as we do. Oh and we also have her top ten must-haves. So grab a cocktail girls. This is total inspiration overload. And don't miss her gorgeous wedding here and here (her rehearsal dinner is also pretty wonderful).
SMP: How has Brooks changed your life?
Molly: Coming home has a different meaning these days. My life is so much more full than it ever was before. I always, always want to do more for him and I feel like I can never do enough… but I try to tell myself I can’t feel guilty - I’m doing the best that I can.
SMP: Was there one item or concept that inspired your nursery?
Molly: I wanted it to be Bohemian/modern/chic. I’ve always loved John Robshaw and Medeline Winerib’s aesthetic. And working with Tiffany from Layla Grace was a breeze. Her online store is phenomenal!

Kishani Perera helped with the mixing of colors. I wanted to play with the blues but to also add in some pinks here and there. (If I ever have a girl, I won’t have to change everything!) Her store, Rummage, is one of my go-to home places. But most importantly, I wanted Brooks’ nursery to be fun. I didn’t want it to be so precious that he couldn’t play in it.
SMP: What is your favorite part of the nursery?
Molly: I love the whitewash blue on the ducduc crib. I’ve never seen it before and it comes in all different colors. I also love all the mismatch of pillows! But I'd have to say my favorite part is the giraffe my husband gave to Brooks.
SMP: Has your style or design approach changed since having Brooks?
Molly: Yes! I’d say my design taste has become more modern and simplified. Less is more these days. And everything I do have, I make sure I can clean it!
SMP: What is the one thing you couldn't live without during your first few weeks of mommy-hood?
Molly: WUBBA NUB pacifier. I got it as a gift and gave it away UNTIL I tried one because I didn't have anything else and he was addicted. He can hold it and snuggle with it.  I have 4 in his crib at all time...
SMP: How are you finding the work-life balance?
Molly: It’s difficult! You’re always on.  But you make it work somehow!

SMP: Any tips for new moms who are trying to juggle it all?
Molly: Sometimes being the mom is harder than doing the job! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just do what you can. You being a working mom teaches your children something too.
 I love her. Love, love, love her. She’s such an inspiration to me because she’s clearly beautiful, but she also approaches her life with a sense of simplicity and style that I crave.

So before we let Molly go, we hit her up for her top ten. The ten things that make Molly really tick. And I’m pretty sure, you’re going to love her that much more after seeing her picks!

Molly’s Must Haves:

Baby Care item: Earth Mama Angel Baby Body wash and baby oil! Triple paste for diaper rash! And Huggies organic diapers! I could go on and on and on...

Maternity Dress: Rachel Pally, so comfortable and stylish.

Mocktail: A green juice or a fresh green smoothie, like kale and spinach and apple. The green one from Pressed Juicery is really good. We often buy green drinks and make them ourselves!

Indulgence: Apples and Fro-yo!

Diaper Bag: My husband got me my Louis Vuitton diaper bag as a gift! I adore it.

Hair Product: Deep conditioning mask by Kerastase!

Beauty Product: Tata Harper body oil! And Bio-oil for stretch marks!

Favorite Flower: Peonies!

Workout: When I was pregnant, I would do the Tracy Anderson pregnancy workout videos. I also hiked with the dogs a lot!

Stay Skinny Food: Green Soup!

Photography by: Gia Canali | Nursery & Interview: Molly Sims