SMP Living Welcomes our Advertisers!
May 11, 2013
Good morning SMPers!  I hope your Saturday is off to a fabulous start (really, how could it not be — it's Saturday after all!) We just wanted to quickly pop in to give a great big shout out to two of our brand new, incredibly amazing sponsors. We've got Jigsaw London and JewelMint, both of whom are just beyond. In short? You simply MUST get to know them.
[dotted] Originally hailing from British soil, Jigsaw London has finally made its way to America, and I couldn't be more excited about it. Their deep British roots are reflected in their love of color, obsession with knitwear and eccentric mix of patterns, color and shapes. Frequently described as "the design house where Kate Middleton worked,” the Duchess of Cambridge’s classic yet updated style is quintessentially Jigsaw London.
Being a trans-Atlantic brand, this family-owned company is incredibly conscious about their environmental footprint, which automatically places them at the top of my list. They've begun their Made in America and Green Label collections, which are excitedly produced right here on our own land. These particular products are eco-friendly, made from found fabrics that have long been forgotten in warehouses over the years. And, as if they could get any better, they also support local artisans. Are they saints, or what? Gorgeous fashion with a heart? That is something I can truly stand behind.
[dotted] Last, but almost certainly not least, I'm crazy excited to introduce you to JewelMint. Aimed at providing original, exclusive jewelry at incredibly reasonable prices, it's one of those "how did I ever live without this" shops (and aren't those always the best?). Heavily featured in Elle, InStyle and Glamour magazine (to name a few), you've surely been missing out if you haven't yet hopped on the JewelMint bandwagon.
By signing up (free to join, no obligation), you gain access to JewelMint's gorgeous monthly collections and jewelry recommendations, custom-tailored just for you. Inspired by the runway, vintage designs and on-trend celebrity style, you are essentially guaranteed fabulous pieces (that match your personal style, no less!) will land in your inbox each and every month.

There you have it, SMPers. Two amazing vendors you simply need to know. Welcome to the family Jigsaw London and JewelMint! We are so happy to have you! xoxo