Making Grocery Store Flowers Look Their Best from Wild Folk Studio
May 7, 2013
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Confession time: I'm a bit of a flower snob. I've been known to snub florals of the grocery store variety in the past, so I was a little taken aback when our talented floral contributor, Caroline from Wild Folk Studio, came to us with this idea. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that plain jane flowers could look this gosh darn pretty. I am officially a believer, and there's a chance I owe an apology to grocery stores around the world! Grab all of Caroline's tips and tricks below. And see more floral beauty right here in the gallery.

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How to Make Your Grocery Store Flowers Look Their Best

1. Stay away from the pre-made bouquets: The pre-arranged bouquets from the grocery store are made up of mostly filler flowers and greenery. They tend to not be terribly fresh or all that pretty.

2. Think Fresh and Healthy: Take a good look at the flower selection and pick one type of bloom that appears to be in the best shape. Don’t select flowers that are too open or in bloom because they will not last long. Additionally, grocery stores tend to have a lot of dyed flowers (roses especially) and you should try to stay away from them. In my case, the deep purple lilacs appeared to be the healthiest, so I started there.

3. A Simple Color Palette: I prefer to keep the color palette simple. If it becomes too busy, it will begin to look like the pre-made bouquets. Once I had picked the lilacs, I stayed in the purple and white family by adding purple tulips and white veronica.

4. Buy Greens: Don’t forget to buy greenery to add to your flowers. Greens will add depth and texture to your arrangement.

Arranging your Grocery Store Flowers

1. Once you’ve picked your vase or vessel, clean the flower stems by removing all leaves that will be below the water line, and give them a trim at a 45-degree angle.

2. I like to start by placing a few stems of the greenery first to give the arrangement a good base.

3. Next, I add one stem at a time. Here I started with the lilacs, because they are the larger of the blooms and take up the most room.

4. Lastly, place the tulips, veronica and left over greens where you have open spaces, giving the arrangement a full, lush feel.

Note: Follow these tips on how to make your flowers last longer.
[dotted] Styling, Photography and Tips by: Wild Folk Studio