DIY Gold Painted Baskets
May 7, 2013
This is literally the easiest DIY project I've ever done. And I did it while my kids were watching a Peppa Pig which is like 15 minutes. Okay, so... I love baskets. Love them. Use them to hold wood & blankets in the winter, gardening tools in the summer. I throw our newspapers in a basket, our magazines, my kids books, the works. So being able to elevate a basket to wow status in like no time at all? It's VERY exciting for this mama.
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Gold Spray Paint
Green Painters Tape


1. Tape the area off where you would like the spray paint to stop.
Note: I did a full gold bottom on two and a chevron print on the other. The chevron print was a little time consuming because of the nature of the baskets and their innate texture, but perfection is not necessary.

2. Use the back end of a pair of scissors to make sure that the painters tape is adhered to every nook and cranny that you don't want painted.

3. Then, take them outside and spray them with gold spray paint (my favourite is the Montana Brand).

4. Let dry 10 minutes or so and then add another coat.

5. Voila! Fancy baskets, just like that.
Photography & Styling by: Style Me Pretty Living