Six Day Old Twins from Bryce Covey
April 29, 2013
My heart? It has officially melted. Because not only do we have one brand spankin' new baby to share with the world, we have two. Double the new baby smell. Double the teeny tiny toes. Double the heart melting, aww inducing, so sweet it hurts adorableness that six day old twins brings. If I wasn't completely jealous of Bryce Covey's life behind the lens before, you can certainly bet I am now. Capturing brand new babies is a career I can totally stand behind. See the entire photo shoot right here in the gallery!
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From Bryce... This brother and sister pair of 6 day old twins were beautiful to photograph. On location in the family home soft light came through the nursery window. Positioning them in the light and keeping the scene simple allowed the photos to focus on the newborns and the sense of peace in the home. It is an honor and privilege to step into and document these special moments of life.
Photography by: Bryce Covey Photography