Party Theme: Neon
April 26, 2013
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We are turning the volume up seriously loud on Style Me Pretty Living today. Like neon loud. Because as we were working on our latest and greatest Party Theme idea, we realized that our Neon celebration was so stinking adorable, with DIY for days, that we had to spend a whole day devouring the pretty. And I'm willing to bet that by the day's end, even the most doubtful readers will be turned into official neon groupies. So first up, the inspiration that started it all...

Coming up next we have one DIY project after another all building up the grand Neon finale that you guys are going to DIE over. We're posting every hour on the hour today so keep on coming back for more!! Oh and if you don't already follow us on Pinterest, we have lots of fun Party, Design, Decorating and DIY ideas!
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