Party Theme: Neon Celebration
April 26, 2013
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We are up to our ears in the cutest, most fabulous, squeal inducing Neon Celebration...with old school paper link backdrops and bright blue martini's for days. And if ever there was a party that justified inviting your friends over for no reason at all, this one would be it. So kick back, grab something fruity and feast your eyes on all of the goodness. Fair warning, you might need a pair of shades, too. Oh and there is lots more here.
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Okay, so you saw the DIY's that started it all. The martini glasses, and the lucite tray. You saw the neon marshmallows and the fabulous striped cake. So what's left? Well, we wanted everything to be adorable on it's own or grouped together in a fun spread.

PLACESETTINGS. We used a simple cork board and our taping technique to create fun, whimsical placemats. We topped them with square plates, neon flatware and a fun neon paper wrap for our napkin. All found at Target. We love the idea of giving guests a place to park their rear even if they are only feasting on candy and cocktails.

BACKDROP. Our backdrop was a cinch to make and seriously reminded us of gradeschool. Which means that it's not only cute, it's a fun project to do with kids. We used a bunch of bright, colorful neon paper that we found at Office Depot, to create different strands. Some we looped together, others we let stay loose. We filled in with strips of neon stickers that we also found. Cheap & cute, right!?

SWEETS. So this party was literally overflowing with treats. After our photoshoot my kids literally sat on the couch twitching as they came down off their sugar high. It was quite disturbing. But quite adorable. We had candy gummy worm, bright peanuts (kind of icky but cute), neon cupcakes that we made by adding some food coloring to boxed white cake and piping buttercream frosting onto, neon pudding cups that we made by adding food coloring to a basic vanilla pudding and of course, neon marshmallows and our striped cake.

MARTINI. The martini was a grown up version of a Blue Gatorade, also knowns as a Blue Hawaiian cocktail.  It's 1 oz coconut rum + 1 oz light rum + 1 oz blue curacao + 2 oz pineapple juice. Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain the contents into a martini glass. Makes 1 glass.

PLAYLIST .Obviously we cranked up a little Cindy Lauper on the stereo, namely Girls Just Want to Have Fun which seemed so approapriate that it was actually cliche. Other favorites? Material Girl, Madonna | Livin' on a Prayer, Bon Jovi | Pour Some Sugar On Me, Def Leppard | Heart of Glass Blondie | Don't Stop Believing, Journey | Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Wham! ... or just steal every song from this list here!


Styling & Photography: Style Me Pretty Living | Yellow Stripe Tray: DIY (spraypaint + tray from Michael's) | Kraft Board Risers: DIY (spraypaint + kraft board boxes) | Neon Backdrop: DIY of neon paper & stickers, all of which can be found at an office supply store | Martini Glasses: DIY (spraypaint + clear martini glasses from Target) | Pudding Glasses: Bed Bath & Beyond | Neon Pudding Spoons: Stop & Shop | Vases: DIY (spraypaint + clear vases from Target)| Flatware: Target | Square Plates: Target| Napkins: Bed Bath & Beyond | Cork Place Settings: DIY (spraypaint + tape + cork board squares from Office Depot)