Neon DIY Lucite Tray
April 26, 2013
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Next up in the building blocks for our aaaaadorable Neon Party Theme is this oh-so-simple lucite tray. I am a HUGE fan of the lucite tray. A few trays are a great investment for your party pantry because you can always gussy them up with a bit of paint or a paper insert and transform the end result. For this tray, we used a simple tape pattern to create a fun, modern Neon design.
painter's tape
lucite tray (found here)
spray paint (we used rustoleum fluorescent in yellow)
[dotted] instructions 1. Using your tape, tape diagonally from one corner to the other.

2. Determine the width of stripe you want, then place newspaper piece and tape from one edge to the other. The newspaper will protect the rest of the tray from being sprayed ensuring that only your stripe will catch the paint.

3. Repeat on opposite corner.

4. From 6" away, spray a thin coat of yellow paint.

5. Wait 20 minutes.

6. Spray a second coat. Let dry overnight.

We loved this idea so much that we created a handful of different riser options for our food display. Using basic kraft boxes that we found at Michaels, simple clear vases, cork boards and more, we went crazy with different patterns and approaches to design....
Coming up next, Marshmallows like you've NEVER seen them before!
[dotted] Design, Styling & Photography by: Style Me Pretty Living | Tray & Spraypaint from: Michael's