Italy with Ely Fair Photography
April 25, 2013
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Ah, Italy. The place where time stands still. Where it's perfectly acceptable to drink a glass of brunello with breakfast, and an entire bottle to yourself at dinner - and not a single soul will give you even the slightest amount of side eye. Between gorgeous beachy views and sun-soaked rolling hills, there isn't a place in the world I'd rather be. Captured by Ely Fair Photography, let's take a moment to soak in this virtual vacation, shall we?  Catch the rest of this fabulous Italian tour right here in the gallery.
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From Ely Fair Photography...My husband and I are terrible at remembering dates, and being wedding photographers we are often working over our anniversary weekend. So after the third year in a row of forgetting to celebrate, we decided to forego an annual celebration and just do something big every five years to celebrate our nuptials. So keeping on schedule, last year we planned our first trip overseas to Italy. Being my husband's first time overseas, and my first time without a large group, we relied heavily on advice from others and our handy dandy Rick Steves' travel book to plan.

Before we ever stepped onto an airplane, one the of BEST things we did was ask anyone we knew who had been to Italy (and even sometime people just in line at the store) what their favorite things about the trip was. It was fantastic to connect with people, and from there we were able to piece together highlights from everyone else's trips to create an unforgettable experience of our own. So now I'll pass on some of our favorite experiences to you!

Hands down, our favorite thing from the whole trip was the Fiat 500 Touring Club tour in Florence. Zipping around the city in a sweet little Fiat with our fantastic guide Beppe was picturesque and it really gave you a sense of how narrow the streets in Italy are.  A close second is the cooking class that we took in Sorrento with Mami Camillas. The chef was exactly what you imagine an old Italian cook to be -- big, loud and grumpy! But it only added to the experience and we made the most amazing meal I have ever tasted in my life.  And my third favorite thing we did is a little strange, but maybe the most worthwhile. We spent an afternoon in Rome walking around pretending that we were on a photo shoot in Trastevere, a small Roman neighborhood.  It helped us to slow down from the hustle and bustle and really enjoy the city, the architecture and the charm, and as an added bonus, we walked away with photos of ourselves that we will cherish forever!
[dotted] Photography: Ely Fair Photography