A Kate Spade Inspired Picnic Round-Up
April 24, 2013
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Spring is in the air. Well sort of. It's still kind of dreary and overcast here in Boston. But (queue the "I'm digging deep and maintaining a positive attitude" music), our tulips are poking through, the strawberries are starting to show signs of life and simply saying the word May has me all kinds of school-girl giddy. So when I spotted this amazing new Kate Spade picnic basket, I thought it was high time we had ourselves a little outdoor celebration of our own. Kate Spade Style.
Picnic Basket. The basket that started it all. Newly minted to the Kate Spade collection, this little piece of picnic heaven was enough to inspire a complete picnic look.

Pillows. Love, love, loving the new floral pillows at West Elm. This particular one is my fave though I sort of love all of them. The golden chevron one was found here and it's the perfect graphic compliment to our pretty, feminine pick. Lastly, we added a bit of pop with a super fun monogram pillow from Jonathan Adler. We love the idea of giving your guests something a bit cozy and a bit personal to relax upon.

Gold Tray. Need I say more? It's a Gold. Tray.

Picnic Blanket. I love this picnic blanket from Not on the High Street because it's obviously cute but it's also a real picnic blanket. So it's waterproof and grime proof and you don't have to worry about messing up your pretty quilt that you pulled off your bed.

Lantern. Because after a few bottles of the cocktail we're going to share coming up next, you just might find yourself flat on your backs (gazing up at the stars, of course). And this lantern from Jayson will be just the ticket to set the mood.

Kate Spade Dress. With a full skirt, lounging on a blanket is no problem. Plus it's basically the definition of fabulous so you're sure to get a lot of mileage out of this baby.

Jewel Bottle Stopper. Because every bottle of bubbly needs a little bling.

Wine Glass Holders . From Uncommon Goods, this is officially the best invention ever. Because you can just stab these little things right into the grass and voila. No spillage on your pretty new picnic blanket. I know, totally genius.

Melamine Serving Plate. Even if you're guests will be eating out of a box or a lunch sak or whatever else you have up your sleeves (we prefer the box and will share some fun ideas coming up next), it's nice to plate one element of your meal. And we found these at Macy's which would serve as the perfect backdrop for the prettiest of pretty desserts.

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Up next, we have all of the recipes and food ideas that you need to throw a Kate Spade inspired picnic of your very own. And if there are any busy, crazy, working girls out there that can't imagine finding the time to actually "picnic"...don't worry, we have cheatcuts around every corner so that you can whip this little shindig up in under an hour. Sha-zam.