A Pink & Purple Home from Julien Fernandez
April 22, 2013
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It has, more or less, always been my dream to live in a pink and purple home. You'd think that I would have grown out of such fantasies since the age of four, and to be honest, I thought I had too! That is, until I set sights on these photos. Captured by the fabulous Julien Fernandez, this 19th century home located in eastern France, demonstrates pink and purple done right. My four year old self would be so incredibly thrilled. Oh and there's lots more pretty in the gallery.
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From Amandine... This classic French home, built in the late nineteenth century in Mulhouse, France, is home to jewelry and clothing designer Sandrine Ziegler-Munck, her husband, Hervé, and their two children.

"I live in the house I once used to dream of", says Hervé. "When I was a boy I used to walk these streets and I loved these old-style façades. I swore to myself I would one day live in one of those houses". So when the opportunity came along it was easy for him to get his wife on board. "We were looking for a classical house still in its original condition. All the houses we had visited had been transformed", says Sandrine. Here all of the spaces have been preserved since the end of the 19th century. The house was brought back to life when this happy family moved in a year ago.

"We live downstairs. The 2 upper levels are primarily used to sleep. Our kids follow us around with their games while we cook, in the living-room and even the hall. We really did not want the hall to be considered just circulation space. For us, it's a living area as any other room. Our little ones enjoy playing there, dancing and putting on their shows...". The dining-room is equally as important. Up to 12 guests can sit around the large dining-room table hand-made by Hervé's father.

Though the renovation was important, they made sure to respect the original space. Naturally Hervé was invested in the technical part while Sandrive was involved in the decorating. The rooms distribution remained the same and they kept all the characteristic components. "We wished to keep all the original and noble touch of the interior design in order to value what is the spirit of this house. The natural wood floor, the ceiling mouldings and the magnificient staircase was left intact", explains Sandrine. The same family had been living there since the beginning of the 50's and the decoration consisted of old-fashionned flowered wall-papers and carpets... Sandrine and Hervé chose to go the opposite route by painting everything white. "We are fond of white for its brightness and the purity it brings"
[dotted] Photographed by: Julien Fernandez | Write-up by: Amandine Berthon