Outstanding in the Field with Anais + Dax
April 17, 2013
United States
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Now that the weather is finally beginning to warm up in Toronto (note: I use the word "warm" loosely), I find myself daydreaming of outdoor activities. The thought of picnics, beach days, farmers markets and the like have been dancing around in my head for some time now. And then THIS landed in my inbox. Outstanding in the Field is a fantastic event that attempts to connect diners to the land where their food is born. Captured by the talented Anais + Dax, THIS is how I want to spend the next few months. In a field. With food. And the scent of a barbecue permeating the air. Checkout the rest of the gallery for more!
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From Anais... Jim Denevan, creator of Outstanding in The Field, allowed us to come to their event and photograph all of the deliciousness that was happening. Outstanding in The Field is probably what inspired so many around the country to organize dinners inspired by where food is grown: the farm. Jim’s team is like a traveling circus, minus the circus, plus the chefs and a great team of friends and organizers. They go from town to city, from state to state and organize dinners on farms with local chefs for an average of 150 people! Jim’s landscape and installation art skills come in handy when it comes to setting up the table and placing it strategically on the farm’s land.

That day, the dinner took place at Wattles Farm in Hollywood, or more precisely a beautiful community orchard just off of Franklin Ave. The chef for that night was Jason Neroni of the newly opened Superba Snack Bar in Venice Beach. He had a plethora of friends helping out, from Meave McAuliffe caterer, to Paul Hibler owner of Superba. Pascal Shirley and Joseph Lemieux were even doing videography.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful dinner, filled with good conversations, a tasty menu and an inspiring Outstanding In the Field crew. Thank you Jim for allowing us to participate in such an original kind of dinner!
[dotted] Photography by: Anais + Dax | Event: Outstanding In The Field