Setting Up a Sunday Juice Bar
April 16, 2013
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Sunday typically ranks as my favourite day of the week. Though it means that the weekend is coming to a close, it's usually low key and casual (most often complete with pyjamas in our home). But when Pressed Cotton suggested the idea of a Sunday brunch, paired with a fabulous juice bar with a handful of friends, my interest was immediately piqued. Though this particular event is slightly more elegant  (hello champagne & ice sculpture!), it could really be as simple as you'd like. Heck, how about requesting that those friends of yours to show up in their pjs too? Now there's a party I can get on board with. Styled by Salt Harbor Designs and captured by Millie Holloman Photography, there's lots more where this came from right here in the gallery.
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From Pressed Cotton... We recently staged a brunch/ juice shoot to feature some of our newest spring inventory.  We thought the idea of juice bar would be a perfect addition for a Sunday brunch.  We had a bar tender mix some great fruit combinations and add some bubbly.  We asked Ice Sensations to make us a great ice bar for display fruit and glasses. We made some of our favorite breakfast foods and displayed them on our new white cake stands.  We had so much fun coming up with ideas for different combinations of flavors!

What you'll need:

Lots of fruit options (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, raspberries, blueberries, kiwis, etc)
Mix-ins like honey, mint, and sugar
Alcohol Options: champagne and white wine
Plenty of glasses so guests can try different combinations
A juicer
A muddler
Ice Sculpture and/or buckets of Ice
Drink Stirrers
A Shaker

A Few Great Tips:

1. Hire a bar tender to mix the drinks.  Guests will still have fun coming up with creative combinations, but won't have to actually mix them on their own. Plus you will have someone to keep your kitchen neat while you enjoy the brunch.

2. Ice Sculptures add lots of interest for a display and keep your fruit and juice cold.  Bring one of your glasses to you ice sculptor so that he can create nothches in the ice where they'll fit perfectly without sliding.  As a note, placing a small piece of paper towel under the bowls will keep them from sliding on the ice.

3. For decor, gather a variety of bowls and glassware.  Use the fruit and mix-ins as decor by grouping them in baskets and bowls.  Line up glasses to create a pretty presentation.

4. Encourage guests to mix and mingle by proving foods that are easily carried on small plates.  Biscuits, yogurt and granola, small waffles, and oatmeal in cups will allow guests to interact while eating.

5. A juice bar can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  There are plenty of options even without providing alcohol, but simple champagne and white wine quickly adds to the creative possibilities.
[dotted] Goods and Materials: Pressed Cotton | Photography: Millie Holloman Photography | Styling: Salt Harbor Designs | Ice Bar: Ice Sensations