DIY Pompom Garland from Cloud Parade
April 16, 2013
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Next up is this adorable DIY pompom garland from Cloud Parade. Though it'd make for the perfect accent to any event you have on the agenda (baby shower? birthday party?), a large part of me is tempted to simply hang one above my bed. How could you not wake up smiling with that greeting you overhead?! With just a handful of materials and a few simple steps you can quickly and easily throw together your very own pompom garland for all your pompoming needs.

Thread/Fishing Wire

1. Start with a generous yard or so of yarn. Use more if you want a fuller pompom.

2. Begin wrapping the yarn tightly around 2-4 fingers (depending on how large you want your pompom to be). Note: the more yarn you use, the fuller your pompom will become.

3. Measure and cut a 12” long piece of yarn.

4. Pull the yarn through your fingers.

5. Wrap the yarn tightly and tie in a secure knot.

6. Make sure you keep the long piece of yarn in tact so that you can use it to tie it to your string later on.

7. Take your scissors and cut all of the “loops” around your yarn “ball”.

8. Give your pompom a bit of a haircut, making sure that all ends are even. Note: you still want to leave that longer piece of yarn in tact so you can use it to affix the pompom to your garland.

9. Repeat steps 1-8 until you have your desired number of pompoms.

10. Attach each pompom to the wire/thread using the longer piece of yarn, and then trim the longer pieces accordingly.

11. Tada! Hang as desired.
[dotted] Styling & Photography: Cloud Parade & Typologie & Co.