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DIY Succulent Garden
April 5, 2013
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There are many things I'm quite capable of, but maintaining a garden is not one of them. Black thumbs? I've got em'! And if you happen to find yourself in the same category, this next DIY is made for us both. Succulents are the one thing I've managed to successfully keep alive for months now. And even though they require little to no maintenance, I still pat myself on the back and consider it a job well done. Get the full, step by step how-to for your very own miniature succulent garden right here.

Baby succulents & cacti
Cactus soil
Small pebbles
Activated charcoal (can be found at the pet store near the aquarium)
Vintage tin
Spray bottle

step-1Find a tin, deep tray, or other dish to use as your planter (we found on ours on Etsy). Look for one that is several inches deep to accomodate the plant roots, and has a bit of character.

step-2 Pick out your succulent plants. It's helpful to bring your dish along so you can judge how many will fit inside. Look for varying textures & heights to add interest and create a composition within the dish. Get enough that you can place them closely together within the dish, so you won't be seeing lots of gaps of soil showing.

step-3 Pour in layer of pebbles on the bottom of the dish. In a dish that doesn't have any holes on the bottom, this step helps with drainage so that the roots aren't sitting in water.

step-4 Pour a thin layer of charcoal on the pebbles, which helps soak up any odors from the sitting water.

step-5Remove the succulents from their pots and loosely brush away excess dirt from the roots. Pour a thin layer of cactus soil in the dish and add your plants. Spoon more soil around each plant as you add it, to stabilize the roots. Be extra careful with any sharp cacti- we used oven mitts to protect our hands while placing them!

step-6Mist the succulents with water to help them adjust to the new pot. Place them somewhere sunny & enjoy!