Family Shoot from We Call This Love + GET THE LOOK
April 3, 2013
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In most parts of the country, it feels like Spring. We still have a little ways to go here in Boston which is exactly why a photoshoot like this one warms our hearts (and fingers and toes) to no end. From We Call This Love Photography, this family makes us smile. Big and wide and toothy. Because we can literally feel the love poring out of every image. And there is so much more goodness right here in the gallery, but before you dive in, make sure to check out the fun Get the Look feature below with fun fashion pulls that capture this effortless family to a T.
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Photography by We Call This Love

From mommy, Kathleen...With the (fairly) new addition of our sweet Violet, we have been wanting to document this time in our family’s history. Since our friends – and favorite photographers on the planet – took photos of us two years ago when we were just a couple with a new puppy, we immediately turned to them again. For both shoots, Kimberly and Andre made us feel so comfortable and were able to capture the small, subtle moments that make us who we are as a family. We packed up the car and headed toward the beach with our baby, our pup, and our excitement. This was a great opportunity to spend a weekend in our favorite state of California, picnic on the beach with our friends, and have these beautiful photographs taken. It was a perfect day, and we couldn’t be happier!

A little extra information about the family...

Kathleen: moved to las vegas from seattle for the love of a man named jenner. mental health therapist to small, sassy children and tall, sassy children. new mama to baby violet. pop culture enthusiast. blogger.

Jenner: born and raised in vegas. craft beer professional. violet’s favorite playmate. night owl. probably riding his bike.

Violet: 8 months old. frequent flier. always dancing. two teeth. giggler.

Samson: world’s longest eyelashes. scared of everything. protector of violet. former star of the family.

We love this family. We love the color and space and time and pure, unabashed joy. And we know that capturing this love to perfection took a wee amount of planning. So we wanted to make it easy on you and design a look that allowed the easy breezy feeling that these images evoke. For the whole family. Because from someone who has had their family photographed a zillion times, there is a touch of art directing that goes into it. That takes those pretty faces and turns the series into something cohesive and perfectly finished.
Mommy: Dress  | Shoes   /// Baby: Top | Bottoms | Shoes | Scarf /// Dad: Shirt | Jeans | Shoes