Want To Master a Pop of Color? Start with a Mini Pink Fridge.
April 1, 2013
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Though I'm typically drawn to more traditional spaces, I can't deny that this colourful & fun nordic-inspired home, captured by Julien Fernandez, is reigning me in. As a trained colorist,  Caroline did a fabulous job at incorporating highly saturated hues in a manner that doesn't feel overwhelming. And let's be real here, any space that has a pink fridge is one I'd be happy to call home. Click here to see more!
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From Amandine Berthon... "Because I both live and work here, I designed the interior as a blank page where anything is possible, whether it's organizing a photo shoot or a child's birthday party. Creating it was very inspiring" says Caroline. Into this uncluttured backdrop, the designer imagines her collections of furniture and accessories, objects inspired by the poetry of everyday life, in a perfect harmony with the smooth interior.

The house is located in a former repair shop of jukeboxes and pinball builted in the 30's. What attracted Caroline and her husband? The sense of space, the place was like an empty box, a “carte blanche”, in which everything could be imagined. The couple, designed entirely on their own, turned this old space into a welcoming home. The single storey L-shaped plan led a logical distribution: living area overlooking the street and the bedrooms and bathroom below. To bring light and greenery, a internal courtyard was create by removing a section of the roof.

The concrete floor, the bay window, and the roof had been entrusted by builders. The rest was made by Caroline and her "little tribe", composed by her husband, her parents, her sister and brother-in-law. They worked tirelessly every weekend for 6 months. What would have been arduous for many seems to have been happy moments for the designer.  "We were comical to see. We carried out the work in winter. Dressed with 6 layers of clothes, we looked like a Bibendum's family! " she recalls, laughing.

Only intimate rooms were walled. Dining area, sitting room and study are in a open-plan layout to preserve the original feeling of space. Into this spacious white-painted living space, colourful surfaces create visual separations. "For me, color isn't just decorative, it highlights an area." explains Caroline, a trained colorist. Sweetness of pastel tones and lightness of white give the home a Scandinavian atmosphere, a nordic and bright style enjoyed by the designer. "What I like most in my house is the light. In any season, I'm perfectly fine here, she adds. I feel like I'm on vacation every day! 

Photography: Julien Fernandez | Text: Amandine Berthon | Home: Caroline Gomez