Pinwheel DIY from Paper Source
March 29, 2013
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Though you'd never be able to tell based on the snow and crisp temperatures scattered throughout North America, I've been told that Spring is officially here. And what better way to celebrate than with this a cute-as-pie pinwheel DIY from Paper Source. With just a handful of supplies, you can instantly transform any upcoming event with little to no work. Planning a baby shower? Perhaps you've got a bachelorette party up your sleeve? These little guys have got you covered! PS - there's more in the gallery!

Pinwheel DIY


1/8" hole punch
Striped straw
A brad (you can find them at any arts & crafts stores)


directionsstep-1Cut a5” square of paper and using a ruler, lightly draw two diagonal lines across the square, from corner to corner.

step-2Using scissors, cut along the lines towards the center of the square, stopping approximately ¼” short of the center.

step-3Using a 1/8” hole punch, make a hole at the center point and bottom right corner of each cut segment as shown.

step-4Flatten one end of the straw and make a hole using the 1/8” hole punch.

step-5Fold hole punched corners towards center and insert brad through each hole, ending with the center hole.

step-6Insert brad through the straw before securing the back of the brad in place.

Note: the pinwheel is for decorative purposes only and does not spin

[dotted] Design, Styling & Photography by: Paper Source